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Chief Thaidene Paulette
Councillor Fred Daniels
Councillor Brenda Dragon
Councillor Karen Youngman
TERM: JUNE 2022 - JUNE 2025

The Smith's Landing First Nation election process is governed by its own Customary Election Regulations.

The Chief and Council, consisting of one Chief and four Councillors, are elected officials who serve a three year term.


The Chief and Council are directly accountable to the membership for the overall success of the band, while pursuing the vision and mission of Smith's Landing First Nation. 


They also provide leadership and direction, govern the operations, create policies, and oversee the activities of the administration to ensure that the programs and services are delivered to the membership in a fair, equitable and efficient manner.


We, the Tthebatthı Dënésułıné, have been sovereign since time immemorial.

Together, we will continue our journey in harmony with the environment to sustain a healthy and self-sufficient lifestyle for future generations.

To honour our Creator and ancestors, we will protect and nurture the integrity of our Dëné Ch'anıe.

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